A Security I Like: Disclaimer

by puneinvestor

The securities discussed under this heading should be considered for purchase by active investors only. Passive investors, please read this article. Hobbyists/weekend warriors, please be very careful and use the information at your own risk.

These are securities I find cheap on the date of publishing, but they are not buy recommendations.  I will mention the risks apparent to me; whether to buy is for you to explore further.

The securities, if considered for buying, are for long-term (5+ years), diversified (15+ positions) portfolios only. I expect plenty of volatility in these securities so short-term horizon investors or traders would be well advised to ignore any information found here.

Unless explicitly disclosed, none of the securities discussed, on the date of publishing, are owned by me or, to the best of my knowledge, anyone who compensates me. In other words, I don’t write about my best current ideas here because that would be unfair to paying clients who entrust me with the health of their portfolios. This also happens to avoid any conflicts of interest and lets my opinions be unbiased.

I may not keep track of the securities discussed on an ongoing basis and proactively update posts with changes of opinion or sell recommendations at a later date.